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Emergency Water/Food
With a 5 year shelf life, this
gift will be cherished and could
save lives.


9 bars, 3600 calories, 3 day supply

9 bars - Each serving individually wrapped!

5 year shelf life
No cholesterol or tropical oils
Non-thirst provoking
Meets strict Hebrew and Islamic dietary requirements
Predivided rations make it easier to control equal consumption for each individual
Approved by Defense Personnel Support Center, UN Agencies, U.S. Army and USCG
For children: Just add milk for a great tasting cereal
Protected in durable, waterproof, vacuum sealed packaging to withstand temperatures ranging from -40F to 300F


Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable shortening (made from partial hydrogenated soybean oil and partial hydrogenated cottonseed oil), cane sugar, dextrose, dried coconut, corn starch (GMO), corn syrup, soybean lecithin, vitamins & additives. 


Emergency food  6 bars 2400 cal.  - 3 day supply - $7.95.

Emergency food  9 bars 3600 cal.  - 3 day supply - $8.95.


Emergency Food
Water Packets
Schools and companies - please call for volume discounts and fund raisers.

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