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Four person Dome tent. Floor 8'x8', height 4'x4', area 64 Sq. Ft.
Four person family emergency  tent
6 lbs.
Very portable and convenient. Heavy duty polyethylene. Flame retardant. Dimensions 3'x3'x6'.
Privacy shelter 3'x3'x6'
$ 69.95
5 lbs.
12 oz. Aerosol for waterproofing tents, camping equipments shoes etc.
"Camp Dry" Waterproofing Spray
$ 8.95
2 lbs.
Made of high quality vinyl. Multy use waterproof tarp (green). Electronically welded seams.
Vinyl Waterproof Tarp 4' x 6'
$ 8.95
.75 lbs.
For use as an emergency blanket, shelter, thermal ground covering, or radar reflector. Reflects and retains over 90% of radiant body heat. Approx. 52" x 84".
Emergency Solar Blanket
$ 2.50
.2 lbs.
3/16" in diameter, 50' in length.
50' Lightweight Nylon Cord
$ 4.95
.25 lbs.
Made with fluorescent vinyl. One size fits all. Color: fluorescent orange.
Orange Vinyl Safety Vest
$ 2.95
.2 lbs.
Made of heavy duty PVC construction. Carrying handle for portability. Sealing key closure prevents spilling. Folds flat when empty. Two gallons.
2 Gallon Water Bag w/ Carrying Case
$ 7.95
.5 lbs.
Made of rustproof stainless steel. Unbreakable clear image miror provides many uses from shaving to emergency signals.
Emergency 2 Sided Mirror
$ 3.95
.15 lbs.
Made of durable polyvinylchloride. Use for camping or emergencies. Attached hood. Snap closure on sides. Size 52
Emergency Poncho w/ Hood
$ 3.95
.2 lbs.
For use as an emergency sleeping bag, thermal ground covering or radar reflector. Reflects and retains over 90% of radiant body heat. Approx. 36
Thermal Sleeping Bag
$ 9.95
.5 lbs.
For use as an emergency portable toilette, sturdy and handy.
Toilette Portable
 $ 24.95
3 lbs.
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4-Person family tent
Privacy shelter
Camp dry
Tarp 4' x 6'
Solar balnket
Nylon cord
Safety vest
Water bag
Signaling mirror
Poncho and hood
Thermal sleeping bag
Toilette portable
Trash bags box

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